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Intensity 9


It is late and I’m finally in the guest room of my sister’s house, sipping hot tea after a warm shower. That the rain is pounding on the roof doesn’t matter. I am safe, healthy, and although alone, is content knowing I am loved by my family and friends.

I consider myself lucky. Not many people are, though. Yet people are still in a much better position than animals who never even experienced a bit of love from birth till the very last day of their life.

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Vegan world, a vision

FB_IMG_1528038193552(This was the my prepared speech for the National Animal Rights Day celebration today at the Rizal Park, Manila. I delivered it a bit differently but basically the contents are the same.)

Good afternoon everyone. I feel extremely honoured to be standing in front of all of you today, knowing that all of us here are people who dared to think, feel, and work beyond our own needs and wants. We are here for the animals.

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The Art of Being Alone

My home in Ratanakiri, where I learned to love my solitude.

I’ve been alone in the past year and just came home from one year of volunteering in Cambodia.

Long ago, I thought it would be dreadful being alone. But when I lived in Cambodia, I had a roller coaster of emotions, until I learned to love it. Now the reality of losing my solitude is starting to sink in. And I hope that I would have the privilege of living alone again. But now let me share with you some things I’ve learned, not necessarily things I did on a daily basis, but the things I find ideal in living alone. The following is not and never was my routine, but was and still is my aspiration. On good days I do most of them. But on ordinary days I simply want to have some sense of things. It’s not a prescription either, but my own way of seeing meaning in a life in  solitude. This is about me. You might have a totally different way of dealing with being on your own. And whatever is your way, if it works, then that is good. I call this the art of being alone.

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The planet is a person, and she is our Mother



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In a world where even humans have to fight for their basic rights, it is difficult for many to grasp the idea of the personhood of non-humans, such as animals. As a vegan, this for me is one of the most difficult messages to get across. People just don’t get it that animals are individual sentient beings who should be accorded rights to live their life unbridled by human follies. And if people could not understand the personhood of non-human animals, all the more it is harder to comprehend the personhood of non-human non-animals. Why, you might say, are non-human non-animals accorded the very high status of personhood?

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