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unf-Air Asia

aIR aSIArant

I’m a flying person. Not that I could literally fly, but I love to travel and I fly a few times a year. Being a social development worker with limited resources, travel becomes possible for me because of low flight fares. I am able to visit family, attend training and conferences abroad, and see a sight or two because of budget carriers. I admit without them, not every Juan could fly.

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Tyger tyger burning bright (2)


Instead of a fierce photo of a tiger, I chose this fragile and vulnerable cub, who I think best represents the dire situation tigers are in right now. She is looking to us to make things better for her kind. What are you going to do? Photo grabbed from

The tiger is my favorite animal. It just has an effect on me that no other animal has. Last year, I wrote about tigers and promised to write another one. I guess this is the perfect time to write another blog post about them because recently tigers have been burning bright again due to the hunt for tigress T1 or Avni, as she is being called in India. Avni is a mother of two young cubs and is being accused of being a man-eater. As I mentioned in my previous blog, humans don’t make up tigers’ diet. But tigers, just like humans, are protective of their homes and they don’t usually go out of their territories. This only means that if a human is eaten by a tiger, that human has wandered into or encroached a tiger’s territory.

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The Vegans Philippines Flogo

VP Flag 1

The Vegans Philippines Flogo, rendered by Gad V. Hakimi in this photo.

The other night, I wanted to sleep early but couldn’t. I was wondering about possible designs for the Vegans Philippines logo. Vegans Philippines is a facebook group, but since it has the name of the country, I feel that it is not only limited to the group itself, but embraces all Filipinos and those who identify with the country, who live the vegan life. I am an admin of the group and I have been thinking of how I could better help spread veganism through the group and beyond.

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VHEMNT-ly me


From the website of VHEMNT 

This post grew out of my comment to Malvika Kalra‘s post of this article in the Vegans in India facebook group. I thought I’d expound on my thoughts here, and share this link instead of posting a longer comment. 

I have been privileged to have two wonderful people I call my kids. But if I was really thinking clearly that time, I wouldn’t have made them. This is not regret. I love my children, but I would have been just as happy to adopt a child with whom I could express my maternal instincts.

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Intensity 9


It is late and I’m finally in the guest room of my sister’s house, sipping hot tea after a warm shower. That the rain is pounding on the roof doesn’t matter. I am safe, healthy, and although alone, is content knowing I am loved by my family and friends.

I consider myself lucky. Not many people are, though. Yet people are still in a much better position than animals who never even experienced a bit of love from birth till the very last day of their life.

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