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Why a capsule wardrobe won’t work for me



A few weeks ago, I wrote about the 100 pieces challenge that I’m trying to do here in Cambodia. For the duration of my volunteer placement, I’m going to live only on the clothes I brought here. Should I need to buy new clothes, I would have to give up ten pieces for each new piece bought.

It is easier said than done. Not because I couldn’t keep myself from shopping. A life of a volunteer does not allow for impulsive shopping, and even if it does, I think I have overcome that phase long ago in my life. However, when I went home for a short holiday to the Philippines last week, my sister gave me nine nice tops that were just sitting sadly in her walk-in closet. And who am I to say no? It’s not as if I bought them, and I gladly tried each one and they fit perfectly so I happily stuffed them in my hand carry bag.

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The 100 pieces challenge


Its good to know that I don’ have to wear rags to be kinder to Mother Earth. In fact, I always get compliments for my clothes and people are surprised to find out that most of my clothes are bought from thrift shops like what I’m wearing in these photos. The lovely Marks and Spencer shoes I’m wearing with the blue jumpsuit are gifts from dear friend and fellow climate leader Dean Rebecca Barrios of NVC, Kalibo.

Sometimes even if we think that we are living simple lives, we have to really look into numbers to make sure we are not being deluded into idealistic thoughts of ourselves and how we live our lives. Before my family left Zarraga, Iloilo in June 2016, we have started organizing Free Markets through the Balagon Cultural Creatives. Knowing we were soon to move, we started looking into what we should give up, and what should come with us to Dumaguete. After several free markets, we finally had to actually pack for the move.

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