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24 Hours of Reality: The world is watching


If you are social media savvy, and spend hours and hours on the net, would you believe you could make a difference by doing a pamorningan or all-nighter or even just a few hours watching and sharing about Live Earth / 24 Hours of Reality live on the net?

The Climate Reality Project says on the website:

“For years we’ve watched our climate change. We’ve watched glaciers melt, seas rise, and storms get fiercer. We’ve watched this new reality transform our lives while too many leaders just stood by.

Now the time for standing by and watching is over – and on November 13—14, 24 Hours of Reality and Live Earth brings the world together to let our leaders know. Join former US Vice President Al Gore, artists and influencers, and millions across the planet for a global day of action and music to celebrate progress across continents and send a clear message to world leaders: Take climate action now.

This is our moment. With the Paris climate talks approaching, a breakthrough is finally at hand. The stage is set and it’s time for our leaders to act. The world is watching. Join us.”

This is the time for climate action. Be part of this global movement. Click on this link for details

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