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Why a capsule wardrobe won’t work for me



A few weeks ago, I wrote about the 100 pieces challenge that I’m trying to do here in Cambodia. For the duration of my volunteer placement, I’m going to live only on the clothes I brought here. Should I need to buy new clothes, I would have to give up ten pieces for each new piece bought.

It is easier said than done. Not because I couldn’t keep myself from shopping. A life of a volunteer does not allow for impulsive shopping, and even if it does, I think I have overcome that phase long ago in my life. However, when I went home for a short holiday to the Philippines last week, my sister gave me nine nice tops that were just sitting sadly in her walk-in closet. And who am I to say no? It’s not as if I bought them, and I gladly tried each one and they fit perfectly so I happily stuffed them in my hand carry bag.

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