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Of mothers, love, and death


My mom in yellow. She is beautiful inside and out. Tonight she cooked me a simple birthday vegan meal. It made a world of difference to be with her and my dad during the quarantine and my 50th birthday. The photo was taken four years ago, during my dad’s 80th.

Dear friends, part of this post is a bit unsettling, and all of it is deeply personal. But I have decided to post about this to help me confront one of my oldest wounds that still shake me up to today and hope that someone reading this who is in the same space would realize that it is possible to rise out of dejection. If you feel in any way the same and need to talk to someone, please reach out to me through my Skype at Shiela R Castillo.

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Why I’m doing nothing for Mother Earth

do nothing

Found in google images, credit to whoever owns it. 

Today is my birthday and I’m doing nothing for Mother Earth. If you know me, I know you would wonder why. Why do nothing when I have dedicated my life to do what I could for her? Why do nothing when last year I had a successful a green gifts for Gaia birthday wherein I asked my friends to plant trees instead of buying me gifts? And in response, my friends gave all sorts of wonderful gifts for Mother Earth in celebration of my birthday. One friend updated me this afternoon about the Spanish Plums that she planted for me last year. She said it is now three feet tall. It will be taller than me next year. Sweet! I even had a mangrove planting celebration with Climate Reality colleagues last year. And now I’m doing nothing?

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Green gifts for Gaia

thankyouI have not yet read Amanda Palmer’s book ‘The Art of Asking’, but it was what came to my mind after my phone call with The Climate Reality Project Philippines Branch Manager Rodne Galicha. It was the day before my birthday and I just came from a Climate Reality talk with some 40 Chemical Engineering students of the De La Salle University. Rodne and I were supposed to meet but since my schedule was tight, we decided to put off the meeting and call later instead. He greeted me a happy birthday and he said that he will ask somebody from Sibuyan Island to plant ten trees in my name.

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