The Vegans Philippines Flogo

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VP Flag 1

The Vegans Philippines Flogo, rendered by Gad V. Hakimi in this photo.

The other night, I wanted to sleep early but couldn’t. I was wondering about possible designs for the Vegans Philippines logo. Vegans Philippines is a facebook group, but since it has the name of the country, I feel that it is not only limited to the group itself, but embraces all Filipinos and those who identify with the country, who live the vegan life. I am an admin of the group and I have been thinking of how I could better help spread veganism through the group and beyond.

Like all ideas, it came to me in an instant, and I wanted to make it happen right away lest my enthusiasm for it dies down. I am a big fan of rapid prototyping, and want to capture the spirit of the idea before it flies away. Immediately, I contacted my imaginal collaborator, veteran designer Jags and explained to him my concept for the logo. He was skeptical about it since it will be using the design of the International Vegan Flag and the colors of the Philippine Flag. I assured him that the International Vegan Flag is under creative commons and free to use. I told him to execute the design and I will ask Gad Hakimi, creator of the flag if it is ok with him. Within 30 minutes, I sent the VP logo to Gad, and he really liked it. He assured me that it is free to use and even checked if I used the official colors of the Philippine Flag.

I immediately posted the logo on facebook and got a very good response. A lot of people seemed to like it. I was extremely proud of it, but Jags reminded me that we are simply channels from which the desires of the universe emerge. I knew then that I would also make the logo free to use for everyone, so that the vegan message is spread in the country and even beyond, by Filipinos proudly wearing the vegan logo with our national colors.

The next day, I woke up with a message from Gad. He rendered the design into flag images, a subtle encouragement that we can use it also as a flag. He called it a flogo. It made me feel so proud of seeing my country’s colors flying in the wind representing veganism. I thought it was lovely and thanked him for the effort and vote of confidence. I admire him more because of that very generous gesture.

I know that a few individuals do not like the International Vegan Logo, but to me and to many others, it has become a unifying symbol for vegans all over the world. Its simplicity and symbolism is enough to capture such a difficult concept to translate into a design. Somebody even said that it has nothing to do with animals. Well, there is no way to include animals in the logo without being speciesist. Scientists have the current estimate of all animal species at 8.7 million, so putting one or a few animals wouldn’t do it justice. For universal appeal, it could also not include any text saying animals or veganism. The V in fact has a very beautiful meaning, and I encourage you to go to the vegan flag website, to understand what I am talking about.

As For the VP logo, somebody also asked me if it is possible to put some leaves (probably to appropriate vegan diet), but I said that if additional elements are included, it will no longer be an interpretation of the International Vegan Flag. Also, we do not want people to think that veganism is a diet. So for me, the perfection of the International Vegan Flag is very well translated into the Vegans Philippines logo using the national colors.

People are already asking me if they could use the flogo. I said that it is free to use. However, we will release the logo standards to serve as guide in colors, dimensions, and use of it. I will post it here as soon as it is done.

I know that time will come when it will no longer be limited to Vegans Philippines, that it will be used by anyone who feel strongly about veganism in the country. When that happens, I’d be very thankful of having been part of it. Do you want to use the flogo? Feel free to do so. Ask me for a high-resolution image. #src





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