Cebuanos gather for local climate action

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To draw out collective and individual actions to help address climate change, The Climate Reality Project, Pagtambayayong Foundation, and Pusyon Kinaiyahan organized the 24 Hours of Reality: Dalan sa Kinaiyahan on December 6, 1 to 5 pm at the Full Moon Recreation Center, Kamputhaw, Cebu.

Nobel Laureate Al Gore, Founder of The Climate Reality Project said in an official statement that ‘the Paris Agreement has fundamentally and permanently altered what the world thought was possible in terms of addressing the climate crisis. The conversation no longer hinges on if we can do something to address climate change. Instead, world leaders, environmental activists and ordinary citizens are asking what we can do to solve this crisis and how we can work together to do it. This year’s 24 Hours of Reality will help the global community envision the Paris agreement coming to life, as we look at the elected officials, business leaders and activists that are making climate action a reality in countries around the world.’

The organizers of the Cebu event have all been active in the No To Coal Campaign which helped the community of Sawang Calero in the struggle against the Ludo Coal-Fired Power Plant project a few months ago. It is one of the collective climate actions being highlighted by local groups in the event.

Citing the issue, a representative of the Pagtambayayong Foundation Inc. stated, “There are just too many environmental and health risks associated with a coal-fired power plant, especially if one would be built in a densely populated area like Sawang Calero. The coal-fired thermal power plant proposed to be built in Sawang Calero must be strongly opposed.”

On the other hand, Bro. Jaazeal Jakosalem, AOR, emphasized that Pusyon Kinaiyahan consistently opposes all forms of oppression against Mother Earth. He said, “Our future must not rely on the false promises of development. Our call then is a fossil-fuel free future – renewables are the solutions we embrace; we are calling the closure of existing coal plants and the stop of the construction of on-going plants; we are united against the many faces of mining; we are opposing the rampant destruction of our coastal areas thru reclamation projects – all these are destroying our planet and people.”

Erick Vazquez Barranco, a native of Mexico who is now the coordinating The Climate Reality Project – Cebu, stressed the communities are the last defenders of the environment surrounding them. He also stated that The Climate Reality Project has always been instrumental in empowering the local champions in Cebu and in other places in the Philippines. “We are one with Climate Reality in pushing for renewable energy and for ending the reign of coal-fired power plants in Cebu and all over the world.”

In the event, campaign kits on various climate actions will be distributed, including No To Coal, Laudato Si materials, and even about shifting to a meatless diet. Local leaders will also share various initiatives and commitments on their collective and individual climate actions.

The gathering is in line with the global annual online star-studded livestream of The Climate Reality Project wherein for 24 hours, issues and solutions regarding climate change are discussed in a different country every hour. Millions are watching the event showing a growing interest in climate action worldwide. The online streaming starts December 6, 7:00 AM Philippine Standard Time at #


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