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I introduced to you Balagon Cultural Creatives in a previous post and I also mentioned that come Earth Day, our first event would be a free market. We called it Tao Tao, literally meaning people giving, our version of free market newconomy. Well, the very next day, I promptly wrote the city mayor regarding the event. I’m posting the letter here since it explains much about the BC Creatives and the event we wanted to hold.

Dear Mayor Mabilog,

Kindly allow me to introduce my group first. We are Balagon Cultural Creatives, literally born yesterday, April 10. We are a group of artists and creatives who have banded together to spread positivity and open people’s minds about new ways of living to help make the world a better place, in short, we want to spread POSITIVILITIES!

Come Earth Day, April 22, we would like to do a ‘Free Market’, by gathering our stuff we no longer need but could be of use to others, and give them away for free. While doing this, we would like to engage people in conversations about gifting, new economy, acquiring stuff, needs and wants, and other related and novel ideas. We will also do some informal musical jams using handheld, non-electronic instruments. This will be like a lightning event, two hours at most, we bring everything we need on the spot and leave the place cleaner than it was before we arrived. More importantly, we will leave positive energy in the place and the hearts of Ilonggos we encounter.

We are planning to do various initiatives in the same vein every Full Moon in different public spaces, especially in parks and areas where people congregate. However, for our initial activity, we would like to do the Free Market on Earth Day at the Esplanade near Molo.

In line with this, we seek your support to BC Creatives in spreading POSITIVILITIES in Iloilo.

Thank you very much!

Since we only had a little over a week to prepare, everybody else did their own tasks, making logos, tarps, facebook page, gathering materials to be given away, inviting friends. As for the venue, we did get a permit though, but in another public space, the Molo Plaza, which was just perfect for our opening salvo.

Come Earth Day, I was running late coming from a meeting and when I arrived the group has already done a couple of rounds of opening bags and boxes to give away. There were shoes, books, clothes, trinkets, and accessories. We did another round as darkness was setting in.

It was a blissful event, so many excited, smiling faces, people moving to the beat of percussions, talking about how such an initiative is even possible in the Philippines while barter is becoming big in Europe. A lot of people, including foreigners, and those coming from as far as the province of Antique were asking when we will do the free market again so they can bring things to share. We told them we are planning to do different creative events every month, but will do the free market several times a year.

But for me the most important thing was not that we gave away things for free and people who received these things went home happy. I think far more important is the idea of free market opening up minds and hearts of those who were there. A little idea could send ripples, and a positive idea spreads positive vibes.


These are just some of the dozens of notes given by the people who came to the Tao Tao Free Market.

After the event, we went to the nearby restaurant and sat at the table outside, just beside a huge banyan tree with old vines hanging about, how fitting for us balagons! We promply discussed about the coming month’s event, which will be all about hugs.

What an Earth Day well spent! Thank you balagons!

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