I hope you won’t be able to sleep tonight

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During the March training of The Climate Reality Project here in the Philippines, Al Gore had to insert to his presentation a very new slide stating how February was just found to be the hottest month on record. My worst fear that time is that March would beat February heat records. and now it is confirmed.

People are dying of hunger in drought striken areas. Conflicts are arising. Water is scarce. heatwaves affect the most vulnerable. Food prices are spiking. Oceans are becoming acidic and corals are bleaching. Extreme weather events are killing thousands and destroying lives and property.
We just can’t live life like business as usual anymore. In one of the most critical times in planetary history, when humans are changing the fragile balance of the earth gained after crores of years, what are we going to do?
We live in a fork of history. What are we going to do and how are the future generations going to judge us?
I hope deep in my heart that each of you who will read this will have a change of mind and change of heart. I hope you are all called to make a difference in your life, in your family and community. Little changes just aren’t enough anymore. We have to turn our life around, be revolutionaries in our own right. We have to be radical, leave our comfort zones and do something significant to help arrest runaway climate change.
Fight companies wanting to set up coal plants in your community, raise your voice so that renewables are supported by the government. Divest if your money is in fossil fuel stocks. Live a life of simplicity, shift to a plant-based diet. Shun disposables. Ask what it is you can live without and live without it. Shake and turn your life inside out. Anything less is not enough.
I hope it leaves you awake tonight. And pray that tomorrow you have a strong resolve to finally do the thing the whole of creation is asking of you, because you are born at this time, the last opportunity to turn things around.

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