Birthing the Balagon Cultural Creatives 1



I haven’t had a real weekend in months and my body was aching for a break reminding me of it through a fever that burned through Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning.

But the weekend was pregnant with possibilities. My little family trooped to Guimaras Island for ‘The Journey of an Artist’, a small gathering of Iloilo artists and creatives. Jagat Rubio and I co-facilitated the event co-organized by Tintin Buenavista, Marz Capanang, Mumu Dalisay and Arjun Marapon. There were 18 of us, including Balay na Bato host couple Mahesh and Mayin Alejo.

We started with a lovely introduction by Tintin, followed by a moment of silence. Then we dived into the creative experience, each of us sharing and revealing part of our creative journeys.  We tried to remember how it felt and explored common themes in our experiences until we arrived to several ‘A-ha!’ moments. Vegan dinner followed, then individual reflections and sharing. We capped the night with an hour of performances around a bonfire (I’m taking note to offset the emissions of this activity, more trees to plant!). It was poetry, percussion, songs and dance that filled a space. It was good, clean fun that everybody enjoyed. I even managed to share a song (I was brought to my senses by Sting) despite my fever.

The next morning, I had to take complete bed rest as my head was exploding in places. They managed to find some leaves to wrap my head with which I think worked, because by 2pm I was again up and about. While I was away from the group, they looked at the source of creativity, what is art, and if there is anything beyond a work of art and the artist. By the time I was back we shared ideas of initiatives that we could do together.

Jags proposed to form a group and meet quarterly, to which Riza added the suggestion to conduct various events every month. We defined the events as those that would spread positivity and open people’s minds to new ways of doing to help change the world for the better. For short, POSITIVILITIES! Our first initiative, proposed by, ahem, yours truly, is a Tao Tao (meaning People Giving, so apt! from the Tin and Marz) ‘Free Market’ that we will conduct on April 22, Earth Day. More details on the event later. We have also identified two more initiatives for May (proposed by Kim) and June (suggested by Tintin), but I won’t spoil it for you. We want to take things one at a time.


We now have our facebook group (thanks Dana), a platform to collaborate, discuss and help ground fresh ideas. We will have our fb community page soon, to let the public know about this new group of passionate individuals who are willing to go out of their comfort zones to try to make a difference.

Lastly, we named the group Balagon Cultural Creatives (thanks Marz!), because balagon (Hiligaynon for vine) captures the flowing and adaptive movement of the vine, its capacity to embrace both the softest of soil and the hardest of rocks. It speaks of creativity, action, variety and openness.

So excited to introduce to you the people of BC Creatives in the next post. Keep it here for updates!





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