Dear SM

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I know you miss me. I must admit, there was a time I missed you too. But I have to hold on to the reason why I had to break it up with you. You always say you’ve got it all for me, but I had to reframe my mind of your sweet yet scheming ways.

It has been six months that I haven’t seen you. For others, it might seem forever. But I am willing to go on without you in my life if you don’t change your ways. You always seem to disregard everything I love, everything I value. Wherever you are, you impose yourself like a giant mammoth (except that I am sad mammoths are extinct and would be glad if it is you who would disappear). You can’t have everything that you like! That’s just not the way into a long-lasting relationship.

I know what you did in Baguio. I know it will happen again. I know that you are investing in dirty business that I don’t approve of. Did you even ask for my opinion? Let me ask you, where is the love? All I wanted was a simple life, the way we were before. But you had to grow so much that I don’t know you anymore and I can’t understand your need to be everywhere!


SM Advantage sends a regular e-mailer that no matter how I try, I just couldn’t put on spam. Most unethical of all, their e-mailers do not have any unsubscribe button!

The card that used to bond us, I don’t have it anymore. Please stop writing to me. Your e-mails won’t change my mind. I tried putting your address on spam and yet like clockwork the e-mailers always come. You didn’t even give me the option to unsubscribe!

I know you invited Sting. And I know you think you will be able to lure me back during Sting’s visit. But sorry, I’m not coming.

Unless I see you change your ways, you cannot have me back.



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