It’s all about love

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September 22 was all about love. The super busy day started as I woke up very early to go with MISSION Iloilo’s HermzGacho and his Environmental Science Class for their participation in the International Coastal Clean Up. I joined primarily to observe and I volunteered to fill up our group’s form. We covered only a few meters along the beach near Molo Blvd., but we filled up several sacks of garbage. I’ve always loved the sea, but now I’m finding I pity it more. I hope people would care more for the seas every day of the year and not only during clean up events.


Students of the University of San Agustin clean up Molo Beach during the International Coastal Clean Up Day.


Next, we went to the launch of the Human Nature Concept Store in Iloilo. The branch manager is a young and passionate GK volunteer, Frances Lacuesta, who also happens to be a MISSION member! The store is awesome, in the design, in the products and the people who work and buy there. I felt the enthusiasm of everyone to the store and the products of Human Nature (HN). One of HN’s top executives talked about how the company and the products are all about love: love for the country, love for the environment and love for the people. Like many social enterprises, HN measures its success with the triple bottomline. I fell in line to be a member, although I’ve been using some of their products for some time. Being a member entitles one to a discount that gives more motivation to skip using grocery-bought products and go directly to the HN Concept Store. I’ve decided long ago to buy my family’s grooming and beauty needs from HN, but since I shop in bulk, I would have to wait to consume our current supplies before my household uses all HN products.


With GK and MISSION’s Frances Lacuesta, Human Nature Iloilo’s Branch Manager.

I’m particularly enamored by the Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil with its 20 uses and the Citronella Bug Spray which is definitely one of HN’s bestsellers. I’m also looking forward to interest Jags with the new Pure Strength Oil Fighting Face Wash for Men. I’m sure my family’s soon to be favorite is the 100% Natural Massage Oil because we love massages and we take turns massaging each other.

At lunch time, I had the priviledge of meeting one of Iloilo’s busiest environmentalists Jessica Salas, who is currently writing a book on Panay Watershed. She was introduced to me over lunch by Gamot Cogon Institute Founders Tessa Jalandoni and her husband Jim Sharman. We had an animated discussion about the developments or lack of it, in the environment of Iloilo and Panay as a whole. I fervently hope we could help materialize Tessa’s idea of having an Environment Study Circle in Iloilo. Anybody interested?

Late that night, I got home tired but happy. I thought, if I as an individual, can go three strides in one day for the love of Mother Earth, can you imagine if everybody does the same? What do you think?

(This is not a paid post.)

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