It’s Freedom Day!

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You might be surprised to find that we already trasfered to Zarraga, Iloilo. It was a long time in the making decision before we finally took the leap in early June. The move was primarily to give our son Toni an opportunity to attend a Steiner school, the Gamot Cogon School located at Libongcogon, Zarraga. I will write a separate post about this soon but for now I would like to share about a wonderful news for Zarraga and the planet.

I had the privilege of witnessing the ‘Freedom Day’ of the Institute for Self and Societal Transformation (ISST) at the Gamot Cogon Property in Libongcogon, Zarraga, Iloilo on June 29. Freedom Day is actually breaking free from the  grid of the Iloilo Electric Cooperative (ILECO). My friend, mentor, and MISSION Co-founder Nicanor Perlas had the ISST converted to combined wind and solar power. It is now running completely on renewable energy, being freely fed by the wind and the sun. The ISST has been suffering from frequent brownouts that disrupt the workshops and has caused a lot of problems to the surrounding biodynamic farm’s vegetable chiller, as well as to other appliances.

ISST is the venue for the three-week leadership and self transformation workshop ALETHEIA or Advanced Leadership Training for Human Empowerment thru Integral Awareness and Action which had its second annual run on May this year. The workshop was disrupted by a series of brownouts which prompted Nick to go completely renewable.


ISST is off the grid. Nick Perlas, Jim Sharman, Joseph Teruel, Jagat Rubio, myself and Joseph’s team enjoyed the installation and the good company.

Another MISSION member, Joseph Teruel, also known in Iloilo as Joseph Solar for his High Energy Radio Program, is advocate extraordinaire for Peak Power, a supplier/installer of renewable energy technologies. He and his team installed Nick’s two 15-year old solar panels and a new wind turbine.The combination is enough to run a three story building with two airconditioners, a refrigerator, the farm’s veggie chiller and the usual lights and minor appliances.

Conversion to renewable energy is part of ISST and Nick’s ‘walk-the-talk’ principle. It is also going to be a showcase of a truly sustainable, off-grid workshop venue, residence and farm. Neighbors and Gamot Cogon Institute founders Jim Sharman and Tessa Jalandoni also had their house installed with combined solar and wind technology. Soon, the Gamot Cogon School, also part of the 18-hectare property, will also be off the ILECO grid.

The event made me want to fast track the future so I can move to Libongcogon and also be off the grid. But realization of that would take a while. How about you? Are you ready to go off-grid?

More on renewable energy soon.

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